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    In 2011, identified as “2011-2012 annual High-growth SME”by Small Business Administration in Dongguan City.

    In August,2011,affirmed as “Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Dongguan City” by Science and Technology

    Agency of Dongguan City.

    In October,2011,affirmed as “Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province” by Science and Technology

    Agency of Guangdong Province.

    In January,2012,affirmed as the fifth batch of backup enterprise for listing in Dongguan City by People’s Government in

    Dongguan City.

    In 2012,affirmed as the first batch of gradient cultivation enterprise for listing in Dongguan City by Small Business Administration

    in Dongguan City.

    In March,2013, identified as “2013 annual 323 High-growth SME”by Small Business Administration in Dongguan City.

    In March,2013,”protective shell of digital products” were identified as “2012 High-Tech products in Guangdong Province”.

    In April,2013,affirmed as” High-Tech Enterprise” on a joint dispatch by Science and Technology Agency,Finance Department,

    National Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau.(2012-2014)

    In June,2013, Small Business Ministration of Dongguan City affirmed For-Better as the first batch of “Private SME Innovation

    Industrialization Demonstration Base” in Dongguan city.

    In December,2013,For-Better VUSTA was awarded as”2013 Annual Advanced Enterprise VUSTA” by VUSTA in Dongguan City.

    Quality Policy

    Satisfaction from customer, Quality comes first,Continuous improvement,Constant innovation.

    Hazardous Substances Management Policy

    Enhance environmental awareness,

    Comply with laws and regulations

    Reduce harmful substances

    Establish Green Plant

    Overall Goal of Hazardous Substances Management

    Training rate of hazardous substances management: 100%
    customer complaints: 0

    ISO9000 Quality Management System Certificate

    In June 2003 the company successfully passed the rigorous audit of ISO standardization organization, and awarded ISO9001

    -2000 quality certification by Shenzhen Central Certification Center Co., Ltd.From then on, the company passed the recheck

    every year without a hitch.From raw material purchasing to design development, production process and shipping services,

    none of them are not in strict accordance with the ISO9000 quality system operation. Providing customers with competitive

    products,every requirement of customer can be met.

    ISO14001Enrironmental Management System Certification

    On ninth June,2009,the company adopted the environmental management system certification, and obtained ISO14001 :

    2004 certification issued by Zhongcheng Certification Company. By implementing 14001 environmental management system,

    we use environmentally friendly materials to ensure that materials meet the environmental requirements start from the design

    process.Moreover,waste water, waste gas and noise emission all shall meet the standards.Solid waste should get

    environmental treatment and continuous improvement.All those measures aim to do our bit for protecting our common home -


    Implementation of ISO International Management System Certification

    Passed the ISO16949 Management System Certification in July,2011.

    SGS Report

    National Patent Certificate

    The company own four invention patents,Utility Model(35 items) ,Appearance patent(3 item),Software Copyright(1 item)

    Sony Ericsson Green Partner Certificate

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